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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tax Strategies for the Commercial Real Estate Professional

November 13, 2013 9:00 am
November 13, 2013 10:30 am


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Course Information:

Location: 3 & 4 Park Central, Conference Room 1 | 12700 Park Central Drive Dallas, TX 75251
Instructor: This seminar is presented by Thomas Rich of Bradford and Company, Inc., and excerpted from the Bradford and Company, Inc. Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed audio course (available to register for after the program).

Course Content:

  • Overview of the Tax Code Changes identified in the New Year to help you become more tax efficient in your business planning for 2013.
  • How the New 2013 tax law affects purchasesof cars, computers and desks, as well as other equipment, for your Business.
  • Increase your income – How to use the tax side of your business to INCREASE your spendable income in 2013.
  • Entertainment Strategies – 2 remarkable entertainment deductions available to Commercial Real Estate Professionalsthat may surprise you.
  • Double Entertainment Deductions – How to safely transform 50% entertainment deductions into 100% deductions.
  • Audit-Proofing – Documentation tips that will save you time, all the time.
  • Help Your Accountant – How you can help your accountant work more effectively on your behalf.
  • Car Strategies – Six methods that produce Thousands in deductions. PLUS!!! NEW first year auto depreciation deduction UPDATES!
  • Actual Expenses vs. IRS Method Mileage – New $25,000 automobile deductions you don’t want to lose.
  • IRS Audit – Reduce your chances – Red flags to avoid!
  • Home Office Deduction –Why Commercial Real Estate Professionals may now safely qualify for this remarkable deduction and how it transforms personal commuting to deductible business miles.



“I easily put $2500 back in my pocket… this was an outstanding program.”
– James McCray, Century 21

“Very professional. Speaker delivered complicated tax information on a level everyone could understand. Very good.”
– Mike Rushforth, Coldwell Banker

“(Presentation) was full of lots of tidbits that a person can easily apply to his/her business, leave that day and do something to improve their business. It was very beneficial.”
– Martha Hunt, Lewis County Association of Realtors