Standardized Contract Forms

Updated NTCAR Contract of Sale Form now on the zipForm and WinAir Software! 

NTCAR’s updated Commercial Contract of Sale and financing addenda are now ready for use on the zipForm and WinAir Software.

In addition to a few technical modifications, the updated Contract of Sale now includes the legislative requirement for “Notice of Water Level Fluctuations” clause that informs buyers that if the property they are purchasing is adjoining a water storage impoundment (lake, pond, etc) that the water level could fluctuate.  Brilliant!

Two other changes worth note are on the NTCAR Contract of Sale’s Addendum B-2 Seller Financing, and Addendum B-3 Existing Loan.  The new provision deals with Purchaser’s Financial Documentation for credit approval.

Also included is the new Texas Real Estate Commission “Information About Brokerage Services” which is required to be used in all of the instances the prior verison was required.  This new form must be used beginning February 1, 2016.

If you are accessing NTCAR’s forms using the zipForm software the updated forms are currently available when you use zipForm.

If you are accessing NTCAR’s forms using WinAir forms service, you will need to update your forms library by downloading the latest forms here:

If you have questions about access to NTCAR’s standardized contract forms go to please call NTCAR at 214-638-5525.


Commercial Contract Form 2014 Change Overview

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NTCAR offers two options for commercial contract forms software depending on your membership category.

If you are a Realtor member of NTCAR (Cost $477 per year), you have access to the zipForm software at no additional charge.  The zipForm software contains all of the NTCAR promulgated forms and the Texas Association of Realtors forms.

If you are a Professional member of NTCAR (Cost $195 per year), you may access the NTCAR commercial forms through the WinAir software.  This option requires a one-time software download fee and small fees based on usage of specific forms.  In most cases this option will be less costly than the Realtor option.

Please access the correct forms below.  Not sure which membership you hold?  Call 214-638-5525.