NTCDX Contact

Chris Summers
Regional VP of Sales, NTCDX (Xceligent)
214-735-2387 email

Research Contact Information: Steve Triolet
Lead Market Analyst, NTCDX (Xceligent)
214-985-3320 email

Kyle Brookmole
Sales Executive, NTCDX (Xceligent)
214-280-7067 email

Devin Polley
Sales Executive, NTCDX (Xceligent)
214-674-7062 email

Jonathan Dudley
Sales Executive, NTCDX (Xceligent)
626-529-6606 email

Nate Caraway
Sales Executive, NTCDX (Xceligent)
877-628-5300 email

Customer Care:
Toll Free: 877-628-5300

* NTCDX (Xceligent) is an additional service not included with your NTCAR membership dues. For more information about subscribing to NTCDX, please contact Chris Summers at 214-735-2387.*